Why consider having me as your coach?

I've worked with leaders, business owners and high achieving professionals for over a decade.

In that time I've helped my clients get clear on what they want to achieve and identify any barriers to progress in both their personal and professional lives.

Working collaboratively, I've then helped them determine the best and most manageable steps for achieving their desired outcomes — starting with the “low-hanging fruit.”

All of this whilst offering ongoing support, encouragement and accountability, to give them the best chance of success.


What you can expect from coaching...

If you want more from life then coaching is for you, because it's a creative process that can inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential (International Coaching Federation). 

Many who've experienced coaching describe it as having positively impacted their lives in many ways, including more specifically:

  • Increased clarity of purpose, goals and focus

  • Growth in confidence and self-esteem

  • Improved mental health and emotional resilience

  • Boost in effectiveness and productivity

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills and relationships

  • Better self-leadership and problem solving

  • Greater self-awareness and refocus on self-care

  • Accountability to aid goal achievement

Typically, you might consider coaching if you want to take the next step in your personal growth, or during a time of opportunity or transition.

For more on coaching, read here.

The Process

The interventions and tools used are the combination of what I've learnt in training and independent study, and what my clients and I have found to be most effective.

A great business decision.

I began working with Nic after I felt I'd reached a plateau with my business.

Grasping the ethos of my handmade business very quickly, Nic inspired fresh ideas, as well as motivating me to work through tasks I'd been putting off for some time.

Nic's coaching helped increase confidence in my abilities and unlock my potential, enabling me take my business to the next level. When you run a business by yourself, it's great to have someone in your corner.

Kingsley, Craftsman, Kingsley Leather