The Power of Engaging with 'Race' Training Workshop

Do you want to feel more confident talking about 'race', racism, and cultural differences. If so, this workshop is right for you!

Conversations about race and cultural differences can be hard. Many people are fearful about what might happen if they raise the issue, so they avoid it and fail to see the benefits that come from talking about race openly.

Why is it important to talk about race and cultural differences?

Creating an environment where conversations about race and cultural difference can be held safely is key to the health of your team and the success of your organisation.

In initiating dialogue about the impacts of racism, you can challenge outdated attitudes and unacceptable behaviour that might be affecting your team, clients, or customers.

Proactively engaging in conversations about race and cultural differences will also increase your understanding of privilege and how to positively tackle racism head-on.

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"It made me feel much more confident about having conversations about race with my clients. The environment Nic created was warm and supportive, and we were encouraged to engage fully in a range of activities and explore our personal responses in a way that has been so helpful for my own self-awareness and for holding in mind when working with clients."

- Rachel

What are the benefits of attending the workshop?

The workshop is designed to encourage maximum participation and reflection. It is both interactive and experiential, so you and your team can get the most from all levels of engagement.

Some of the benefits of attending the workshop include:

  • Increase your knowledge about the history of racism
  • Feel¬†more confident speaking with others about¬†racial difference
  • Gain¬†a better awareness of the negative impacts of racism
  • Have a safe space to openly discuss 'race' without judgement
  • Develop the¬†ability to foster healthier and more inclusive¬†relationships
  • Opportunity to identify and challenge your own bias
  • Have a framework to engage in conversations about 'race'
  • Develop greater understanding, sensitivity, and empathy

Attending the workshop will help you reflect on your understanding and attitudes towards racial difference, resulting in you becoming a more effective leader or practitioner.

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"Amazing workshop. Nic was fantastic, and it was a really enjoyable and thought provoking session. Thanks very much."

- Katy

"It helped to give a good understanding of why bringing culture and race into the counselling room is so important for both me and my client."

- Cathy

"Very informative. Nick created an open and safe environment for everyone to discuss their thoughts and experiences."

- Anon

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