Relationship Counselling in Gloucestershire

Does it feel like something has been lost in your relationship? Do you feel less connected or unable to work through an issue? 

Couples counselling provides a safe place for couples to be heard, understood, and feel more confident to address any challenges or issues they may be experiencing in their relationship.

Why might we need couples counselling?

Couples invest in relationship counselling for different reasons. It could be that you're struggling to speak about issues around family, money, intimacy, and sex.

Or maybe you're finding it hard to face and deal with unresolved conflicts or arguments that have caused you to feel emotionally frustrated and tired.

It could be that you feel you've grown apart, that one or both of you have changed, or that your relationship is at a major crossroads.

For some couples, sadly, they decide its better to part ways, and working with a relationship counsellor can help them get through this difficult time in an amicable way.

Whatever your situation, couples counselling will provide you and your partner with a safe space to think about how you want to move your relationship forward.

"Thank you for working with us; we appreciated your compassionate and non-judgmental approach, which encouraged us to open up to you. It cannot have been easy to counsel a couple as different from each other as us, but we felt listened to and valued throughout, and benefited from your insight as well as practical advice. We have found you through a recommendation from a friend, and will in turn be recommending you to others!"

- S & J

What are you able to help us with?

There are different problems or issues I can help you with, but some common ones I've helped couples with include:

  • clarifying what they want from their relationship
  • regaining a sense of value, direction, and commitment
  • managing significant life changes such as illness or redundancy
  • having a better understanding of one another's needs¬†
  • aligning expectations about intimacy and connection
  • improving and developing communication and conflict
  • moving forward following betrayal and addressing mistrust
  • working through¬†the effects of unmanaged or addictive behaviours

You may face other challenges as a couple, but in relationship counselling I can help you explore them so you can feel heard, understood, and more confident to find a way forward.

What will our first session be like?

Deciding to start couples counselling can be the first step to opening up new possibilities and providing hope that you can strengthen your relationships.

A free consultation call

Because you may feel unsure about what couples counselling looks like, before deciding if we're a good fit, I'd invite you to talk with me on a free consultation call.

During the call, we'll speak briefly about the issues you're facing, and you'll also be invited to ask me any questions.

Getting started

After your consultation call, we'll decide if we're a good fit, agree on a good date and time to get started, and I'll send you some digital documents for completion.

These documents will include details about confidentiality, our responsibilities, payment methods, counselling breaks, cancellations, and so on.

In some cases, to help me better understand how you see your relationship, it may be helpful at the start of our work if I meet you individually before continuing joint sessions.

How you might feel

You might feel a mix of emotions both during and after your initial session. It's normal for the first conversation to leave you feeling emotionally tired and a bit sensitive.

The reason you may feel like this is because you'll be asked questions about your relationship that you might not be used to speaking about openly.

Again, this is normal. But as time goes on, you can expect to feel more comfortable with the idea of speaking about the challenges you're facing as a couple.

It could feel worse

Relationship counselling can involve speaking about historical issues that are the cause of pain, and this isn't always easy.

Because of this, don't be surprised if things feel worse before you start to experience any positive changes in your relationship.

Although this can happen, as your wounds open and your experiences are shared, I'll help you explore the issues raised in more depth.

Counselling Options and Prices

Get clear on what you want, gain a better understanding of you and your partner's needs, and improve your relationship.

Relationship counselling is available for couples in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. Remote counselling sessions are available for couples not in Gloucestershire via Zoom or Google Teams.

Couples Counselling

from £90.00

Identify and clarify areas in need of improvement, and develop healthy ways of addressing your problems together.


Individual Counselling

from £60.00

Explore the impact of your experiences and consider healthy ways to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing.


Counselling location and areas served

Face-to-face counselling sessions are held at Eastgate House in Gloucester city centre.

With good local parking, clients can easily travel from surrounding areas in Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham, Stroud, Dursley, the Forest of Dean, and Wye Valley.

Eastgate House is a 5-7 minute walk from Gloucester train and coach stations.

Book a complimentary consultation call

Book a 25-minute complimentary consultation to talk about what working together would look like and see if we'd be a good fit.