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I'm Nic, a BACP registered counsellor, certified coach, husband, "Dad" to four, and "Pops" to one. Though I currently live in Gloucestershire, I'll always be a proud 'Souf' Londoner!

You might know me from when I worked in the hustle and bustle of London, my time in education supporting teenagers with challenging behaviour, or from my years as a youth pastor.

My focus now is on helping busy professionals, business owners, and leaders to improve mindset, emotional wellbeing and performance, so they can regain control of life and have more impact.

So, if that resonates with you, let's talk!

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Big questions

Tell me, have you ever asked questions like:

  • What makes me feel alive?
  • Who do I enjoy being with?
  • What are my gifts and passions?
  • Where's my life heading?
  • What do I really want?
  • How can I make a difference?

These questions tend to be about purpose and meaning. They speak to your inner desire to reach your potential and contribute to the lives of others in your own unique way.

I've also asked these questions, and continue to on a regular basis. This has led to a commitment to finding answers for myself and helping others to do the same.

Download my free Shape Your Future guide and learn a powerful 5-step process for shaping a future you get excited about.


My background

Working with many busy professionals, couples and young people for over twenty years, I've helped and supported hundreds of people to manage and navigate life's challenges.

I believe one of the reasons those I've helped have seen results, is that I know what it's like to feel out of my depth, overworked and overwhelmed. Why? Because I've lived it.

In other words, I deeply empathise with busy, stressed and burnout professionals, and also young people who feel isolated when experiencing mental and emotional distress.

As a teenager through to early adulthood, I disliked myself and didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to recognise or do anything about it. I felt powerless!

Lonely and feeling like life was without meaning, I struggled to make sense of life; turning to self-destructive behaviours as a way of coping and escaping the pain I felt.

During those difficult years I found faith, which continues to be an instrumental part of my life to this day. But I soon found that faith alone wasn’t the answer, I also needed the support of others.

I later trained as a person-centred counsellor before going on to gain qualifications in Leadership & Management, Coaching, and then a BSc degree for which I gained a first and received an award.

Part of the reason I share this is because they were all gained as an adult learner, as despite my 'potential', I left school without any qualifications worth mentioning.

I still have my exam board paper results just for the banter! 😂😂😂

The other motivation for sharing this with you, is that my experience and learning have all contributed to what continues to be a journey of discovery, healing and growth.


A turning point 

Married with children in my early twenties, I also understand what it means to struggle with balancing life, work, family and other people's expectations.

For years, I couldn't make sense of what mattered most, and found it hard to balance my sense of purpose and desire to achieve, with self-care and healthy relationships.

Losing my sense of self whilst trying to please and meet the needs of others, and walking in the direction they wanted for me, I got to a point of inner crisis.

Feeling angry with myself and resentful of others (through no fault of theirs!), I reached a point where something needed to change. I was tired, fatigued and emotionally burnt out.

I then realised the importance of being clear about what ‘purpose', 'meaning', and 'success' meant to me. I saw that it can and does look different for us all, and that was okay.

I didn't need to fit into a mold or be like any of those around me who appeared to be doing so well. I could simply be me... Nic Ferguson! A switch clicked and I made some big changes.

I'm not saying it's been easy, but since then, I've been committed to making choices and taking actions that match my values, and how I'm shaped, ever since. And it's been great!


Clarity counts

Looking back, I can now see where I'd leaned into the expectations of others in an effort to gain their affirmation and win their approval. I also see where this is a no-win situation.

But through my inner crisis, came clarity. I was forced to take an honest look at my situation, ask myself some big questions, and make a number of decisions.

And it was at the point of making the first decision when everything started to move in a healthier direction. And, it's the same now, when I make a decision, things seem to happen!

But it wasn't just a decision to change that made the difference, it was getting clearer on what I really did or didn't want my life to look like. In other words, I began to imagine a different future.

NOTE: You too can do the same! Simply download and follow my free and simple 5-Step Guide to Shaping Your Ideal Future.

And once I'd imagined what I believed would be a better future in which I felt energised, alive and free to be myself, there was no looking back. It was obvious that I needed to do something.

So with this and more clarity about what really matters, I've learned to embrace a different approach to life. And so far, this shift in perspective has been more positive for myself and others.


My motivation

The transformation I've experienced in my own life, and have the privilege of seeing in the lives of those I support, fuels my desire to keep helping others to see the same or similar life change too.

So now, through the products and services I offer, I’m focused on empowering and equipping busy professionals to improve wellbeing, regain control of their life, and have greater impact.

If that sounds good to you, then you're in the right place and we're obviously a good fit. Because, just as I've made changes and continue to learn and grow, I believe you can too.


My joy

Part of my joy comes from seeing people like you win in life by helping you identify what 'success' means, and supporting your journey towards it. 

In fact, as you're here, I'd like to help you right now!

Download my free Shape Your Future guide and learn a powerful 5-step process for shaping a future you get excited about.

Just as I, and others I've supported, continue to shape and influence our future to the best of our ability through our daily decisions and actions, so can you!

Remember, change never happens over night. It takes time, energy and commitment. But making a decision to get moving, is the first step in moving you in the right direction.

And that, my friend, is what really counts!

Still interested?

As I'll have privileged access to some of your dreams, goals, fears and struggles, it's only fair that you're able to know a little bit more about me.

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