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How to Develop a High Performance Mindset

The world's top performers, from title winning athletes to successful entrepreneurs, all have one thing in common; an ability to think in a way that helps them perform at their best to get the best possible outcomes.

Like these high performers, a commitment to developing the way you think will be key to giving yourself the best chance of achieving your goals and aspirations.

In this video, I share five simple practices you can start using today, that could help you develop a high performance mindset and begin to see significant changes in your life.

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5 Simple Steps to Being More Productive

For some people, just the idea of being ‘more productive’ can either feel intimidating or cause them to shy away from it altogether.

And this is because productivity is one of those things that, although you know it has huge benefits for achieving important things, it can be difficult to maintain.

But if you’re willing to take some achievable and effective first steps, ‘being more productive’ doesn't need to be too difficult.

In this video, I share five simple steps to being more productive that can help you to start making better use of your time and energy today!

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3 Basic Distraction Techniques to Help Manage Anxiety

The connection between your thoughts and feelings can be so strong that you respond to events on autopilot.

These default responses can develop into unhealthy thought cycles, which result in you becoming more and more tense and anxious.

In this video, I share three basic distraction techniques you can use to overcome worrying thoughts that might be preventing you from performing at your best.

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5 Ways to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is a learnt behaviour, which can develop into an unhealthy habit. And if you struggle with it, you wouldn't be alone.

But with time, overthinking can to lead to procrastination, place tension on your relationships, and result in severe anxiety and depression.

In this video, I share five ways to stop overthinking, which can help you with managing your problems and making decisions in a healthier way.

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4 Tips for Increasing Your Focus

With everyone fighting for your attention, it can be hard to find space for focusing on meaningful work and performing at your best.

You might also find yourself being constantly interrupted by less important tasks which pull you away from what matters most to you.

In this video, I share four tips that can help you avoid distractions on a daily basis, and focus on the things that will get you the best outcomes.

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4 Types of Boundaries and How to Communicate Them

The idea of boundaries can be easily misunderstood. As can the importance and value of having them in your life.

But when it comes to your wellbeing and the health of your relationships, the benefits of being clear about your own boundaries are huge.

In this video, I share four types of boundaries key for maintaining your health and relationships, and some examples of how to communicate them.

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7 Top Tips to Stop Being a People Pleaser

People pleasing involves placing other people’s needs ahead of your own, even if you don’t really want to.

As a habit, it can lead to unhealthy self-neglect and self-sacrifice, which can result in poor physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

In this video, I share seven top tips to help you put an end to people pleasing habits and start to feel more in control of your life again.

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6 Scientifically Grounded Tips for Sleeping Better

Good quality sleep is essential for overall wellbeing. And in particular, it's necessary for maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health.

But sometimes, because of stress, illness, or other life circumstances, it's possible for normal sleeping habits to get disrupted.

When this happens, your day-to-day performance can be negatively affected and your ability to cope can decrease.

In this video, I share six scientifically grounded tips for helping you get back to sleep when you wake up in the night.

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What is Mindset and How to Change It

Your mindset is powerful. It affects how you see the world, and shapes what you do and how you relate to others on a day to day basis.

The type of mindset you have will make a difference to your wellbeing, and also the kind of outcomes you get in your personal and professional life.

In this video, I look at mindset, touch on its potential impact, and share three steps you can take if you want to change your mindset for the better!

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3 Must Have Self-Care Habits

The most common self-care habits tend to be practical activities. For example, getting a good number of hours sleep, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Each can be effective, but what might surprise you is that there are other habits you can develop to help lay a foundation for even better self-care.

In this video, I share three self-care habits you may not have ever considered, that when practiced, could actually change your life!

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