What's holding you back right now?
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Are you finding it hard to manage or make sense of your emotions? Are you lacking clarity, direction or motivation? Move from feeling anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated, to being energised, focused and more productive.

Choose from one of our services and start taking steps to improving your life.


Mindset and wellbeing coaching for busy professionals who want to improve performance and have more impact.



Talking therapy for individuals and couples who want to improve emotional wellbeing and relationships, and regain a sense of control in life.


The Impact of Working With Nic 


"I finish each session energised."

“Since I’ve started coaching sessions with Nic they've become invaluable to me. Things are so much clearer in my work life, and also personal goals. I finish each session energised and ready to keep moving forward.” Jacs, Owner & Founder, Skin Freaks

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"A great business decision."

"A great business decision... I began working with Nic after I felt I'd reached a plateau with my business. Grasping the ethos of my handmade business very quickly, Nic inspired fresh ideas, as well as motivating me to work through tasks I'd been putting off for some time. Nic's coaching helped increase confidence in my abilities and unlock my potential, enabling me take my business to the next level... When you run a business by yourself, it's great to have someone in your corner.” Kingsley, Craftsman, Kingsley Leather

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"I became a better leader, husband and father."

“I looked forward to every session with Nic knowing I was going to make progress in my professional and personal life. I've become a better leader, husband and father through Nic’s patient and exploratory approach in helping me to reach my goals.” Darren, Education Senior Leader

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