Counselling Options & Prices

If you want to improve your mental health, get better at managing your emotions and have healthier relationships, counselling can help. 

I offer counselling for busy professionals, business owners and couples. You can also contact me about offering counselling for young people aged 15 years and over.

Which option is right for you?

1:1 Counselling

from £60.00

Explore the impact of your experiences and consider healthy ways to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing.


Couples Counselling

from £90.00

Identify and clarify areas in need of improvement and develop healthy ways of addressing your problems together.


In addition to contact time, fees include room hire, professional insurance, supervision and administration costs. Limited concessions available for counselling students and young people.

For more on counselling, read here.

What people have said about working with me

. . .

"Nic created highly professional and focussed sessions within which I could challenge my addiction."

~ Amy

"My experience was really good and I felt comfortable and welcomed to open my voice without being judged."

~ Joshua

"It was really helpful talking to Nic. He set me at ease; making me feel free to talk openly about my feelings."

~ Phil

"Nic has been a great help to me in organising my thoughts during what has been a very low time. He offers a rounded perspective, important considerations and it is clear his experience has left him with a wealth of knowledge and resource which he shares in between sessions. Overall, he has a calm and judgement free persona - he is able to read the room very well."

~ Anon

"Thank you for working with us. We appreciated your compassionate and non-judgemental approach which encouraged us to open up to you. It cannot have been easy to counsel a couple as different from each other as us, but we felt listened to and valued throughout, and benefitted from your insight as well as practical advice."

~ S & J

"I felt Nic was empathetic, didn’t pressure me to talk about anything that I didn’t feel I needed to discuss, yet was extremely helpful and insightful."

~ Ben

"Definitely helped me think more clearly and confidently about my emotions."

~ Jemma

"Now I've finished my sessions with Nic, I feel very confident and reassured about my issues."

~ Josh

"Nic has been a genuine lifesaver for me. When I initially started my sessions with him, I was in one of the worst spots I had ever been in, mentally. However, through the weekly sessions he helped me change my outlook on things and was incredibly accepting of my quirks."

~ Adam

"Since seeing Nic I have a much more positive outlook on life, and am able to take into account the bigger picture when making decisions."

~ Toby

"Nic was incredibly non-judgmental, understanding of the issues I was having, and fantastic at challenging me when needed."

~ Dan

"Nic's support has made a lot of difference to our relationship. I feel we approach things with more understanding now, which causes less conflict."

~ Susan

"I would highly recommend Nic, as he made me feel I could be open with him and he provided me with new ways of managing my mental health that I didn't consider before."

~ Harry